Vacant Staging

Vacant staging is our most popular staging service that we offer.  And it is effective.  In fact, most of our homes are under contract within one or two weeks.  The fact is that buyers have a very hard time envisioning themselves in a vacant home.  It can feel cold, overwhelming, and an immediate turnoff.  As a seller, you want your buyers to emotionally connect with your home and see themselves living in your home.  Staging a home will usually cost much less than the first price reduction sellers will have to implement after a vacant home has been languishing on the market for months.  From renting furniture to buying key accessories, let us take one of the biggest headaches of selling a vacant home off your plate.  Our expertise and skillful staging will help you create a lasting first impression that helps your home stand out among the competition.

Virtual Staging-New Service!

After numerous requests, Custom Home Staging is now pleased to offer our clients virtual home staging services!  While physical staging is still the most effective staging option, sometimes there simply isn't room in the budget, and we understand that.  Rather than offer vacant photos on MLS, studies have shown that virtually staged photos are more effective at connecting with potential buyers.  Our virtual stagers are experts in the industry and have even virtually staged for the Property Brothers!  Starting at only $59 per photo and delivered within 1 business day, virtual staging is sure to help your listing draw in more buyers! 

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Occupied  Staging

We know how stressful placing a home on the market can be; especially if you are still living in the home.  With our occupied staging consultation, we will spend 1 hour looking at your home from a buyer's perspective.  From curb appeal, to your backyard, and everything in-between, we will leave you with a game plan that is sure to get your home sold faster and for more money. If additional services such as painting, window washing, flooring or landscaping are needed, we are happy to share our approved list of professional contractors with our clients.  SUMMER SPECIAL!  $95 FOR CONSULT WITH NO REPORT.  $145 WITH REPORT.